Prosper Auto Hail Repair

Kral Bros. wants to introduce you to a special form of Prosper auto hail repair. We call it the Kral Bros. Hail Valet and, with it, you are able to get the needed repairs following a damaging hail storm without suffering through any hassle.

About our Prosper hail damage repair service

Kral Bros. was determined to develop a brand of hail dent removal in Prosper TX that catered to busy clients. We were noticing that so many motorists were putting off their repair work because they simply didn’t have time to bring their vehicles in to us.

Now, you don’t have to with our auto hail repair in Prosper TX. Here’s how our Hail Valet works.

  • One of our Prosper hail dent removal specialists will come to your location (i.e. office, home, etc.) to pick up your vehicle and bring it back to our shop. You don’t even have to worry about dropping your vehicle off or waiting around while we administer the hail damage repair in Prosper TX.
  • We know that you need to get around in order to remain productive throughout your day, which is why our Prosper auto hail repair staff provides you with a free rental car to get you by.
  • While you’re tooling around in your rental vehicle, our team will be hard at work back at the shop, administering our paintless Prosper hail damage repair service that will completely erase the damaging signs of hail.
  • Once we are done, we will pay you one more visit to drop off your vehicle. We are confident that you will be blown away by the results!

Kral Bros. will waive your deductible, so when you make an insurance claim for the damage, you won’t be paying anything out of pocket and your premiums won’t even go up because hail damage is classified as an act of nature.

Get started with the area’s leading Prosper auto hail repair! Contact Kral Bros. for a free estimate.

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