Plano Car Body Dent Repair

Experience masterful Plano car dent repair by working with the expert staff at Kral Bros. Our highly-trained crews are ready to go to work on your car or truck, ironing out all the dents and other forms of damage that it has sustained.

Leaders in Plano car dent removal

With locations in both Texas and Colorado, Kral Bros. has established a strong tradition of providing only the best dent removal service in Plano TX. Through our paintless dent removal services, we are able to fix dents of all sizes without breaking the paint surface of your vehicle.

This means that the Plano body dent repair service we provide is quick, affordable and highly effective in erasing the damage. Clients trust us to handle their car dent repair in Plano TX on all types of vehicles — even high-end vehicles that you might not trust with any other shop.

We provide convenient car dent removal in Plano TX to repair hail damage

When hail starts to fall and pelt your vehicle, damage is almost unavoidable. You might be left with a series of dents throughout your vehicle, leaving in you need of a reliable Plano car dent repair service.

Kral Bros. has developed what we called Hail Valet. This is where our team:

  • Comes to you to pick up your vehicle and bring it to our shop
  • Completes the necessary Plano car dent removal
  • Brings your newly-repaired vehicle back out to you
  • Bills your insurance company and waives your deductible for no money out of your pocket

It’s really that easy. There is no more convenient method of repair hail damage than with the team at Kral Bros.

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