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When hail storms hit here in Lewisville, cars tend to have the most damage. Even if you have a garage, you could be at work or running errands when the storm hits, leaving your car out in an unprotected parking lot. It’s surprising how much damage even a small hail storm can cause, and how quickly that damage can occur. You can go to sleep one night and wake up to a car riddled with dents.

Here at Kral Bros in Lewisville, we know how inconvenient hail damage can be, and that’s why we’ve made the hail damage repair process as quick and easy as possible. We use paintless dent repair to restore your vehicle and most repairs take about two to three hours. Get in touch today to begin the hail damage repair process! 

Hail Damage Repair

Many people end up asking themselves “why should I fix hail damage when a storm could just come and damage it again?” It’s a good question, but it is actually cheaper to fix hail damage from a single storm rather than damage caused by multiple storms. This is because the damage could add up to slowly totaling your car, and fixing a totaled car is usually very expensive and not worth the investment. 

Think of hail damage repair like you would any other maintenance on your vehicle, like getting your oil changed. If you perform this maintenance regularly, you won’t have to do the more expensive, larger fixes down the line.

Prevent Hail Damage

Sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent hail damage. Many people here in Lewisville don’t have access to a garage or another safe place to park their car during a storm. But you can try to find trees that can shield your car from hail. You can also pack thick blankets in your car that you can throw over your windshield and other vulnerable parts of your car. Put a tarp over the blankets to avoid having to deal with the wet blankets afterwards.

Kral Bros Hail Damage Repair

Our family-owned business is proud to provide our Lewisville community with high-quality hail damage repair. We use paintless dent repair, which is the safest way to remove dents from your vehicle. You can learn more about our process here on our paintless dent repair page.

Along with hail damage repair, we also specialize in headlight restoration, total loss services, and more! And we treat our customers like family, with a concierge service that picks up your vehicle and provides you with a loaner while we repair it. Contact us today for a free quote and put our more than 50 years of experience to work for you!

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